Harriet’s Hungry Worms has wriggled its way into the hearts of readers, reviewers, and eco-warriors alike. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“This funny, engaging eco story invites young readers to follow the adventures of Harriet’s ravenous compost worms as they munch their way through their wide and wonderful weekly menu.” ― Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator Newsletter

“There’s a satisfying neatness to the narrative pattern which playfully repeats descriptions of the worms’ meals on each day of the week … Best of all is the originality of the attractive, collage style images created from recyclable materials. Amongst the many lovely and interesting images are the patterned circles that make up worms with drawn-on cute, cartoon style faces” ― Reading Time (CBCA)

“For this, her first eco picture book, Samantha Smith draws on her doctoral research into children’s relationship to the environment, while Melissa Johns’ whimsical artwork, featuring colourful collages of found materials, is a perfect model for recycling.” ― Good Organic Gardening

“A divine book. Stunning full-page illustrations enhance the well-chosen, alliterative, humorous and rhythmic text. The facial expressions on the worms are priceless! ― Kids’ Book Review

“Inventive illustrations incorporating recycled materials bloom from each page, breathing beautiful life into this fun-filled story.” ― The Pregnancy Centre

“This charming tale cleverly incorporates all sorts of teaching in subtle ways for young children interested in learning about sustainable gardening.” ― Story Links

‘Delightful, amusing and educative’. ― Southern FM – Best Medicine with Gaytana Adorna

“Packed with facts and inventive illustrations, this delightful story revolves around Harriet’s compost worms.” ― Cove Magazine

“Packed with worm facts, Harriet’s Hungry Worms is the ideal companion for worm warriors and curious composters keen to roll their sleeves up and put their kitchen food scraps to good use. Continuing the sustainability message, inventive illustrations incorporating recycled materials bloom from each page, breathing beautiful life into this fun-filled story.” ― Bookworm For Kids Blog

“Features beautiful illustrations by (local artist) Melissa (Johns), using everyday recycled materials, the perfect match for the story’s message about sustainability.” ― Wangaratta Chronicle

“Illustrated with creative collage.” ― Sunday Telegraph

“A must-read for all young eco-warriors!” ― Ian Barker Gardens Newsletter

“A lovely story that will be fun for younger readers to devour. Dig in!” ― Good Reading

“A perfect picture book for the early childhood years. A joy to read aloud or listen to” ― Magpies Schools Magazine

“The illustrations in this book are so creative and brilliant. I love the use of mixed media in each of the pictures.” ― The Strawberry Post

“An absolutely fantastic book for your beginning eco warriors.” — Julie Ann Grasso ― Middle Grade Mavens (via Instagram)

“While Harriet’s Hungry Worms is a fun story, its fun facts are in an accessible form for young readers.” ― Melbourne Observer

“Another delightful picture book that tells a story while teaching.” ― Literacy, Families and Learning

“Great for little nature lovers.” , ― Seahorse Library (via instagram)